• Selteco Bannershop GIF Animator 5.1.2
    Selteco Bannershop GIF Animator - a program that is a handy tool for creating professional advertising banners.
  • DJ Music Mixer
    DJ Music Mixer - an advanced tool for professional and novice DJs, with which you can quickly and easily mix tracks.
  • Direct WAV MP3 Splitter
    Direct WAV MP3 Splitter is a program for cutting MP3 and WAV files. With this audio splitter you can quickly cut mp3 and wav files without recompression and without quality loss.

BullDoc 0.3

Bulldoc is a program for building documentation based on text files that can be stored in svn.

LMMS 1.1.3

LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) - a powerful multifunctional platform for creating musical compositions, allowing you to use a variety of effects, synthesizers, emulators and other tools.
Audio 91

Alaborn WebCreate Studio 1.0

Alaborn WebCreate Studio is a non-visual, fast, easy-to-use and intuitive HTML editor that supports the work with powerful visual wizards, modules, and allows you to quickly insert almost all the now well-known html tags, special information and much, much more.

Tunatic 1.0.1b

Tunatic - a tiny free utility for music recognition, with which you can quickly and easily find out what the melody is playing on the radio, or in a video on Youtube.
Audio 83

Smart Web Builder 1.6

Smart Web Builder - html-editor with a user-friendly interface and broad capabilities.

Windows 8 Codec Pack 2.0.9

Windows 8 Codec Pack - a set of all the necessary codecs for the ability to view and listen to almost any type of video / audio file.
Audio 81

CHM Decoder 2.0

CHM Decoder is a free program that will help you decompile (unpack) a CHM file or an e-book and "pull out" all the files there (usually a set of html pages, pictures, etc.).

UltraMixer 5.2.1 Free Edition

UltraMixer - a free version of the program for DJs or just fans to experiment with music.
Audio 77

WebMastering Journal #9

WebMastering - an electronic magazine on web mastering and web design for beginners and professional webmasters.

VSDC Free Audio Converter

VSDC Free Audio Converter is a free and easy to use converter with which you can quickly convert audio files to various formats including MP3, WMA, ASF, MP4, M4A, AAC, RM, RA, OGG, AMR, VOC, AU, WAV , AIFF, FLAC, etc.
Audio 74